6 Beautiful Mountains in Maine

By Lisa Medeiros Aug. 06, 2021
(Credit: Harry Collins Photography/Shutterstock)

Along with seaside treasures and pristine lakes, Maine is home to some of New England’s most picturesque peaks. From coastal summits to inland mountain ranges, Vacationland has plenty to offer its 37 million annual visitors who seek an alpine adventure. To help you experience the best the state has to offer, we’ve identified beautiful mountains in Maine based on unique features, breathtaking vistas and visitor reviews.

Cadillac Mountain

6 Beautiful Mountains in Maine: Cadillac Mountain (Credit: Doug Lemke/Shutterstock)

Credited as the highest point on the eastern seaboard, Cadillac Mountain is the top attraction within Acadia National Park. Many of the park’s 3.43 million annual visitors make an early-morning pilgrimage to Cadillac summit to witness the first sunrise in the country. Along with watching the rising sun, visitors can take in mountain-top views of Bar Harbor, Frenchman Bay and Porcupine Islands.

Mount Katahdin

6 Beautiful Mountains in Maine: Mount Katahdin (Credit: James Griffiths Photo/Shutterstock)

At 5,269 feet, Mount Katahdin stands as the highest mountain in Maine. Considered the jewel of Baxter State Park, its summit offers birds-eye views of some of Maine’s most beautiful lakes and woodlands. Also, hikers and mountain climbers worldwide know Mount Katahdin for its challenging treks. Knife Hike Trail is the most well-known summit hike, but it’s not for the faint of heart. Once you pass the tree line, the terrain turns to rocks and boulders, making it more of a technical climb than a hike. Though still challenging, the Saddle Hike offers more gradual inclines, making it one of the easier treks to the summit.

Mount Agamenticus

6 Beautiful Mountains in Maine: Mount Agamenticus (Credit: khallyimages/Shutterstock)

Western Maine’s Lake and Mountain Region isn’t the only spot offering stunning New England mountaintop views. On the coast of Maine, just outside Ogunquit, Mount Agamenticus offers its own take on summit vistas. Visitors can easily reach the peak of this small but scenic 692-foot high peak by driving Summit Access Road or hiking one of the mountain’s well-marked trails. Those who reach the top of Mount Agamenticus will be rewarded with views of the Atlantic Ocean and Boston’s skyline in the distance.

Tumbledown Mountain

6 Beautiful Mountains in Maine: Tumbledown Mountain (Credit: Tadge McWilliams/Shutterstock)

Tumbledown Mountain ’s 3,054-foot elevation has a unique feature near its summit. Though not the tallest mountain in the region, hikers flock to the summit to see Tumbledown Pond, a glacially formed crater lake. In addition to its beauty, the pond offers excellent trout fishing. Several footpaths lead to the summit, but most hikers follow the popular 1.5-mile Brook Trail to Tumbledown Pond.

Bigelow Mountain

6 Beautiful Mountains in Maine: Bigelow Mountain (Credit: Danita Delimont/Shutterstock)

Bigelow Mountain rises from the southern shores of Flagstaff Lake in the western part of the state. At 4,090 feet high, Bigelow clocks in as one of Maine’s highest peaks. Visitors love its network of trails delivering breathtaking scenic views of Flagstaff Lake below. Though located just north of Saddleback and Sugarloaf ski areas, Bigelow’s destiny once included getting its own ski resort. But plans in the early 1970s for Bigelow to become the “Aspen of the East” were scrapped. Instead the mountain became a wilderness preserve.

Old Speck Mountain

6 Beautiful Mountains in Maine: Old Speck Mountain (Credit: James Dillon/Shutterstock)

At 4,170 feet, Old Speck Mountain claims the title of the tallest mountain in the Mahoosuc Range of the White Mountains. This mountain towers over Grafton Notch State Park, just east of New Hampshire. Though a number of trails lead to the summit, Old Speck Trail tops the list with a featured waterfall. This moderate 7.6-mile out-and-back trek overlaps with a section of the Appalachian Trail and takes an average of five hours to complete.

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