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About Us

On our team we have more than 50 years of combined ski, backpacking, hiking, spelunking, adventure racing, glacier exploring, and general outdoor travel experiences. We know how challenging it can be to plan an outdoor adventure. Between choosing a destination, organizing activities, and finding the right gear, it can feel overwhelming. We are committed to supporting a better, less stressful way to get outside. That’s why we created

At MtnScoop, we take the guesswork out of planning your outdoor trips by pairing our expertise with that of hundreds of other outdoor recreation and travel experts, and everyday adventurers. Through the collection and analysis of reviews from across the web, we share with you the most important information on equipment worth investing in and destinations you’ll love to visit if you’re not lucky enough to call them home.

There’s an adventure waiting for you somewhere, and we’ve got the scoop! Enjoy the outdoors!

Rajko Ilincic, Founder & Data / Tech Wrangler

Rajko fell in love with the mountains at a young age. Growing up, he spent his winters skiing in Tyrol, Austria, and Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina. After graduating with a degree in engineering, he worked in online media, technology, and finance, until he decided to take a chance and build the website he never found. When he’s not working to help others plan their next adventure, Rajko can be found exploring the great outdoors with his family, who together enjoy camping, hiking, and skiing across the United States and abroad.

Timo Acosta, Co-Founder & Master Coordinator

“Opt outside” was a personal motto for Timo long before it became a hashtag. Throughout his childhood in Northern California, Timo spent every moment he could skiing, backpacking, and biking in the Lake Tahoe and Yosemite areas of the Sierra Nevada range. A former Deer Valley ski instructor, Timo continues to embrace the restorative powers of a ski day, letting the physical challenge, crisp air, and majesty of the mountains recharge his batteries. On most weekends, Timo can be found hiking with his wife and two daughters.

Miriam Weiner, Head of Content & Chief Wordsmither

Miriam spent her childhood hiking, ice skating, cross-country skiing, and horseback riding just north of the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York. And now that she lives in New York City, she appreciates every opportunity she has to be outside in nature. With more than a decade in travel journalism, Miriam knows that trustworthy information is the key to planning an unforgettable adventure, especially for those without easy access to the outdoors. When she’s not working, Miriam is off having adventures with her husband and son.