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Seven Fun Camping Games and Activities

Whether you’re trekking to a remote backcountry spot or setting up a family tent at the beach , camping is a great activity for people of all ages and ability levels. Another thing that is great for people of all ages and ability levels? Games. While you might not be ...

10 Fantastic Beaches in Maine

Though only 70 miles of Maine’s 3,500-mile rugged coastline is categorized as beach, those 70 miles make the Pine Tree State a premier summer seaside destination. From unassuming shorelines to well-known waterside retreats, Maine’s beach scene delivers soft sand, scenic views, and the quintessential New England experience ...

12 Great Beach Camping Locations on the East Coast

When most people think about camping, they often conjure up images of heavily wooded forests. However, beach camping is one of the most highly underrated experiences, and one that every outdoor enthusiast should try at least once. Start planning your next getaway with our list of 12 great beach camping ...

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