Best Ski Boots For Women – 2023/2024

By MtnScoop Staff Feb. 02, 2024

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Ski boots are the essential ski gear item that will shape the entire experience on the slopes. Finding a ski boot that provides comfort and warmth, balanced with performance and cost is a challenge that can feel overwhelming to any skier. But with more than 50 ski boot models being made for and marketed to women, the choice can feel overwhelming. Moreover, not all shops carry multiple models of women’s ski boots, making it more challenging to compare and contrast.

Even if you can get to a well-stocked ski shop, there’s no way to properly test every ski boot made for women. And because foot shape and skiing performance vary greatly amongst skiers, relying solely on customer reviews may lead you astray.

We researched and analyzed 32 new models of ski boots, sifting through ski boot reviews, user reviews, forum discussions and industry recognitions to narrow down and recommend the best ski boots for women.

Women’s Ski Boots Top Picks

Dalbello Cabrio LV 95 W
  • MSRP $599.99
  • Flex 95
  • Last 99mm
Nordica Sportmachine 3 65 W
  • MSRP $299.99
  • Flex 65
  • Last 102mm
Tecnica Mach Sport HV 85 W
  • MSRP $499.95
  • Flex 85
  • Last 103 mm
K2 Mindbender 115 BOA W
  • MSRP $799.95
  • Flex 115
  • Last 97mm - 100mm
Lange Shadow 115 W MV
  • MSRP $749.95
  • Flex 115
  • Last 100mm
Apex Blanca VS
  • MSRP $649.00
  • Flex 75/85/95
  • Last 101mm

Best Overall Women’s Ski Boot

Dalbello Cabrio LV 95W

  • MSRP$599.99
  • Flex95
  • Last99mm

The Dalbello Cabrio LV 95 W offers a middle-of-the-line flex rating and a blend of comfort and performance that makes it ideal for advanced-level skiers. Women who have tried this ski boot liked its responsiveness across various terrains and snow conditions, as well as its turning ability.

The Dalbello Cabrio LV 95 W women’s ski boot’s ergonomic tongue and a 99mm last, ensures a snug fit for low to medium-volume feet. The wrap liner is heat moldable, allowing you to achieve a personalized fit. Users noted a generous instep area, but with the LV model the cuff fit snugly around medium to slim calves.

The boot’s Cabrio construction, 95 flex rating and 99mm last width provide a responsive and precise fit, while the 3Density Wrap Sport W liner aims to direct contact with the foot for better control. It also features Dalbello’s popular three-buckle design. Additional features such as the Gripwalk ISO 23223 soles for improved walkability and the 40mm Velcro strap for a secure fit make this boot a top choice for freeriders and freestylers alike. However, expert skiers will want to find a boot with a higher flex.

Best Women’s Ski Boots for Beginners

Nordica Sportmachine 3 65 W

  • MSRP$299.99
  • Flex65
  • Last102mm

The Nordica Sportmachine 3 65 W ski boot caters to beginner and intermediate skiers, designed with an emphasis on comfort and control. This women’s ski boot model boasts a new spine and cuff design intended to maximize the energy and control transmission to the ski.

Women who use this ski boot overwhelmingly agree on how comfortable and light the boot is. The boot features a wider, low-profile 102mm fit and a softer shell, providing a plush and forgiving ride for beginner and intermediate skiers. The liner, designed specifically for a woman’s calf, is soft and can be heat molded for a custom fit, enhancing the overall comfort and user experience.

The Nordica Sportmachine 65 W has a medium-wide volume with a 102mm last and softer shell for a plush and forgiving ride, and an easy-entry instep for easier boot entry and exit. The boot includes four Micro buckles and a dual canting system, as well as Nordica’s Tri Force Shell construction designed to maximize energy transmission to the ski.

Best Women’s Ski Boots for Intermediate

Tecnica Mach Sport HV 85 W

  • MSRP$499.95
  • Flex85
  • Last103 mm

The Tecnica Mach Sport HV 85 W ski boot is designed for intermediate-level skiers looking to perfect the carved turn and explore some off-trail adventures.

This women’s ski boot is a high-volume model designed for skiers who have wider feet and require more space inside the boot. The shell’s Cuff Adapt System (CAS) is customizable and can be punched or grinded by boot fitters to achieve a custom fit. However, many owners agree that this boot feels pretty comfortable right out of the box.

The boot is designed with a roomy 103mm last, an 85 flex for great support and a cuff design to accommodate a variety of lower leg shapes. Key features include the Double Quick-style instep for easy entry and exit and a specialized liner with insulation guaranteed to help you achieve a warm and secure fit.

Best Women’s Ski Boots for Advanced

K2 Mindebender 115 BOA W

  • MSRP$799.95
  • Flex115
  • Last97mm - 100mm

The K2 Mindbender 115 W BOA ski boot is a touring boot that performs exceptionally well on resort trails, and can hold its own on short backcountry adventures. The boot’s construction, features and flex allow skiers to achieve excellent performance, on trails and off-piste, despite having a walk mode.

This boot earns high praise for its out-of-the-box adjustability features. The ski boot is equipped with a dual BOA Fit System – one on the liner and another on the lower shell – that allows for micro-adjustments to achieve a more personalized fit, not to mention two cuff buckles and a power strap. Additionally, the boot incorporates the K2 brand’s signature MultiFit last, offering widths ranging from 97mm to 100mm to accommodate a range of foot shapes for a precise fit. Both the cuff and shell of the boot are heat moldable, providing numerous options for a custom fit. Moreover, the boot is loaded with various features, such as an adjustable insert in the heel to modify the feel of the terrain, and a honeycomb boot board for enhanced comfort and performance.

The K2 Mindbender 115 BOA W ski boot also features a Powerlock Spyne for a performance-oriented walk mode, and tech fittings for compatibility with both tech and alpine DIN bindings.

Best Women’s Ski Boots for Experts

Lange Shadow 115 W MV

  • MSRP$749.95
  • Flex115
  • Last100mm

The Lange Shadow 115 W MV ski boot is designed for advanced and expert skiers. Women praise this ski boot model for its exceptional balance of comfort and performance, and are particularly impressed by its surprising strength and quick reaction time on snow.

The Shadow is built with a 100mm last, medium-volume thermoformable liner and GripWalk soles. The boot features a suspension blade design that provides a smooth, progressive flex. User reviews highlight its comfortable fit and impressive responsiveness on the slopes.

Best Women’s Ski Boots for Comfort

Apex Blanca VS

  • MSRP$649.00
  • Flex75/85/95
  • Last101mm

The Apex Blanca VS ski boot has an innovative Open-Chassis design, which offers customizable flex independent of fit. Many owners find this boot to perform better than one might expect for a model known for comfort, as it can be pushed decently hard on turns.

However, hard-charging skiers have said that you may feel performance slip on more demanding terrain. But if you’re not looking to charge hard on black diamond trails, the unique design of the ski boot offers real comfort and mobility compared to traditional hard plastic ski boots. Its unique design allows the removal of the liner from the chassis, transforming it into a comfortable walking boot for off-slope activities. It features a heat moldable liner for optimized fit, and micro and macro adjustments on all closures. Some do note that getting in and out of the chassis does require effort.

The Apex Blanca VS ski boot, part of Apex’s all-new Vault System (VS) family, is designed for intermediate to advanced female skiers. This boot offers a range of sizes from 23 to 28, a flex rating of 75-85*-95, with a default 85 flex out of the box. It features a heat moldable multi-density liner for a customized fit. Other key features include a dual BOA Fit System with upper and lower zone control, and three polycarbonate buckles on the shell.

Women Ski Boot Buying Tips

Women and men need different things from ski boots. In addition to generally running smaller, women’s feet and legs are shaped differently, and women’s ski boots accommodate these differences to provide optimal comfort and control.


Women’s feet generally differ from men’s in a few areas that should be factored in when shopping for a ski boot.

Women generally have shorter calves than men, so the cuff (upper part of the boot) is lower to prevent discomfort and to improve leverage and control. The shape of the cuff is often wider or differently contoured to fit the shape of a woman’s lower leg, which tends to have a different muscle distribution compared to men’s legs.

Women’s heels are typically narrower than men’s, so the heel pocket in women’s ski boots is designed to be snug and provide a better hold of the heel, and to prevent slipping. Some women’s ski boots have a slightly wider forefoot area to accommodate for differences in foot shape.


Women’s ski boots often have a softer flex rating to match the typically lighter body weight and different muscle makeup of female skiers. This allows for better control and comfort while skiing.


Pick the right ski boot Mondopoint size given regular shoe size.

Mondopoint Women (US) Europe UK/ Australia
22 5 35 3
22.5 5.5 36 3.5
23 6 36.5 4
23.5 6.5 37 4.5
24 7 37.5 5
24.5 7.5 38 5.5
25 8 38.5 6
25.5 8.5 39 6.5
26 9 39.5 7
26.5 9.5 40 7.5
27 10 40.5 8
27.5 10.5 41 8.5
28 11 41.5 9
28.5 11.5 42 9.5
Women’s Ski Boot Size Chart


There are different types of liners with different features and performance characteristics.

Standard Ski Boot Liner: A standard boot liner provides padding, insulation and support within the hard outer shell of the ski boot. They are usually made of foam and other materials that provide cushioning and insulation. However, they don’t provide additional customization like heat-moldable liners.

Heat Moldable Liner: These liners provide a customized fit using special foam that softens when heated. This process, typically performed in a ski shop, involves heating the liner and then wearing the boot so that as the liner cools, it molds to the specific contours of the wearer’s feet. The process usually requires professional assistance, adding to the cost and effort.

Wrap Liner: As their name suggests, these liners wrap around the foot and leg, providing a different fit and feel compared to traditional tongue-style liners. This design offers a snug fit that can provide a better heel hold and reduce pressure points. However, some find that they don’t insulate as effectively as tongue liners, and they don’t fit all ski boot shells.

Heated Liner: Relatively new on the market, these liners have built-in heating elements that are powered by rechargeable batteries. The warmth setting is adjustable and can be controlled by a button on the cuff or via an app on a smartphone. These types of liners have been known to cause issues with heating elements breaking down or inconsistent Bluetooth performance

Buckles and the BOA Fit System

Buckles allow for precise adjustment of the boot’s fit. The ability to finely tune the fit with buckles is crucial for avoiding gaps and ensuring the boot snugly encases the foot and lower leg.  Properly adjusted buckles, especially around the ankle and heel area, can improve heel hold, reducing heel lift when skiing.

There is a lot more variety in buckles today, but the common systems are:

Four-buckle design : This construction usually consists of two micro-adjustable buckles on the cuff, and two on the foot area. Although this is the most common of the traditional buckle designs, it can pose challenges – particularly when it comes to adjusting the boots while wearing gloves.

Three buckle design: Dalbello has popularized this design on its models to simplify the adjusting process. This design improves comfort by providing larger panels at the instep area, and optimizes the flex feel via the position of the buckles.

BOA System: Taking the ski boot industry by storm, the BOA System allows skiers to make very fine adjustments quickly and easily while providing more uniform pressure distribution and reducing weight on the ski boot.

Walk/Hike Mode

The walk and hike mode can unlock the cuff from the lower boot and allow a greater range of motion, for either walking in the lodge or enabling backcountry exploration. Although essential for backcountry skiers, the system can introduce more give between the cuff and the lower boot which can reduce precision and power transfer.


Buying ski boots is challenging, and it can take time to find the right pair.  Given the cost of ski boots, as well as the impact they have on performance, it’s common to feel pressured in the store to make a decision – even when the ski shop may not carry a wide assortment of ski boot models for women. Take your time choosing the right pair for you, because finding the right ski boot will make the days on the mountains a true pleasure.

To learn more about how to find the right-fitting ski boot check out our ski boot buying guide.

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