Seven Fun Camping Games and Activities

By Zoe Zorka July 27, 2021

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Whether you’re trekking to a remote backcountry spot or setting up a family tent at the beach, camping is a great activity for people of all ages and ability levels. Another thing that is great for people of all ages and ability levels? Games. While you might not be able to bring your PlayStation or Xbox, there are tons of great games and activities that are sure to keep you and your group entertained. Below are seven recommendations for camping games and activities that require minimal equipment. Because after all, fun shouldn’t weigh you down.

Assuming that you have enough light, you can always bring your favorite card game. Board games are a bit trickier since it’s easier to lose small pieces in nature than it is in your own home. All of the games on the list can be modified for almost any group or age level.

Glow-In-The-Dark Ring Toss

This is a great game to play under the stars (or cloud cover if you aren’t as lucky). Odds are that you already have some glow sticks in your pack. Add some water to empty water bottles and drop in a glow stick (most glow sticks are waterproof so it won’t hurt them). Take turns tossing glow-in-the-dark bracelets over the water bottles and tally points as you go. You can set bottles at different distances or angles for an added challenge.

Number of Players: Three or more

Equipment Needed:
Glow-in-the-dark bracelets
Glow sticks
Water bottles

Basket Head

Channel your inner LeBron with this fun game, except unlike in basketball, the net moves because it’s on your head. The goal is to catch as many balls in your basket to score while one player throws them. This game must be purchased as a set.

Number of Players: Four or more

Equipment Needed:
Basket Head game set

Glow-In-The-Dark Limbo

This is another nighttime game that’s fun for all age levels, and glow-in-the-dark tape is another gear essential that every camper should have in his or her pack. Wrap glow-in-the-dark tape around a bar or discarded branch and let the fun begin. Be sure to set up your limbo area in a clear space that is free from roots, branches or other tripping hazards. Also, remove the tape from the branch when you are done to avoid littering.

Number of Players: Six or more

Equipment needed:
Glow in the dark tape
– Bar or dead branch
Portable speaker to play limbo music (optional)

Camping Pictionary

A small, lightweight whiteboard and a set of erasable colored markers can go a long way in showing off your fireside artistic talents. You can bring along your own Pictionary card set; use a free, downloadable suggestion set ; or just make up your own ideas as you go along. If you’re a better actor than artist, the downloadable template also has a list of camping-themed charades ideas.

Number of Players: Four or more

Equipment needed:
Small whiteboard
Whiteboard markers
Pictionary cards (optional)


This game requires players to know each other fairly well. Everyone writes their name on a piece of paper and tosses it into the hat. All but one player draws a name. The guesser asks one question at a time to each player. The key is that each player must answer as they’d expect the person whose name they drew to answer. (Remember some people might draw their own name which means they will be answering as themselves!) When the guesser thinks they know who each player is answering as, they make their guess. The names are tossed back into the hat until every player has had a chance to be the guesser. There’s no completely right way to score this, so you’ll have to score however

Number of Players: Five or more

Equipment Needed: None


There are lots of modifications to this game, and each one requires a fair amount of space. First, mark off an inner ring and an outer ring by drawing a line in the dirt, or by using rocks, sticks or any other materials. (The distance and size of the circles depends on the space available and skill level of your players.) All of the players but two stand inside the inner circle. The other two players stand between the inner and outer rings. The two players in the outer ring each have a ball and must throw it so it hits the players below the waist. If the players in the circle catch the ball, they stay in the circle. If they get hit, they join the players on the outside circle. The last player in the circle is the winner. One popular modification to this game the players must use cricket bats or tennis rackets to deflect the ball.

Number of Players: Eight or more

Equipment Needed:
Two dodgeballs
Tennis rackets or cricket bats (optional)

Campfire Categories

This game is very entertaining and the only piece of equipment required is your brain! Someone picks a category and the first person says a word that fits in that category. The second player has to come up with a word that ends with the last letter of the word used before them in less than 10 seconds. For example, if the category was “countries,” and player one said “China,” then player two could say “Argentina” or “Angola”. If a player can’t think of an answer that fits the category in under 10 seconds, they are out. This goes on until one player is left.

Number of Players: Five or more

Equipment needed: None

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