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10 Hiking Tips for Beginners

Whether it’s a morning excursion or a multi-day trek, a hike can provide a variety of mental and physical benefits. No matter what age you embark on your first hike, it’s wise to prepare yourself for the experience before hitting the trail. With that in mind, we put ...

Tips for Visiting the U.S. National Parks

The national park system is one of the things that the United States is known for throughout the world, with recreational visits exceeding 300 million for five consecutive years leading up to 2020. The sheer number of parks, and the overwhelming options for outdoor activities each park offers, can seem ...

8 Best Hiking Apps to Download Before You Hit the Trails

While nature often provides a well-needed escape from technology, smartphones can actually enhance an outdoor experience. From apps featuring stats on everything from trail length and elevation, to navigation and safety elements, there’s an app for just about all your hiking needs . We’ve put together a list of ...

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